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Parking and Traffic Safety

Arrival Procedures

Campus is open to student arrival at 8:55am. As students arrive, they will line up in designated line up areas. There will be separate designated line up areas for bus riders and students being dropped off by parents. Staff will direct students to walk into the building by classes at the start of the school day.

  • Bus – Students will be dropped off by buses in the morning and will line up in their class line at the front of the school
  • Walkers – Walkers will walk directly to the front of the school to join their class line.
  • Parent drop off – Students will be dropped off by parents in the drop off area and will join their class line.

Entry into the Building

Students will be directed into the building by class at 9:10 AM and walk in lines to the class following designated hallway routes. 


Students will leave the building out of their class and travel through their class’ designated hall and will walk with teacher/paraprofessional to the bus loading zone, parent-pick up, or walker exit.

  • Bus – Students will get onto their assigned bus at the front of the school
  • Walkers – Walkers will walk to meet parents or walk home with siblings and friends via the Multi-Purpose Room exit
  • Student Pick–Up by Car – Parents will display a sign with the name of their child and that child’s teacher. Students will wait for their parent’s car and will be called by name that their parent has arrived.