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Celebrating Our Education Support Professionals

Celebrating Our Education Support Professionals

We’re excited to thank each member of our classified staff during Education Support Professionals Week (formerly called “Classified Week”) this week, March 14-18.  

Classified staff members are critical to keeping our district running and providing an excellent education to Issaquah School District students every day. This category of employees includes bus drivers, paraeducators, health room specialists, office professionals, kitchen staff members, Technology Department staff and many other vital members of our team. 

Members of our staff shared these shout-outs:

Mary Walker, Kathryn Bonne, Abi Sindhu, Jeni Ma, Rebekkah Leibowitz, Seung Park, Lori Tappan, Jill Wirick, Jen Leavitt, Jill Dennison, and Sushma Kukunuru

“Paraeducators Mary Walker, Kathryn Bonne, Abi Sindhu, Jeni Ma, Rebekkah Leibowitz, Seung Park, Lori Tappan, Jill Wirick, Jen Leavitt, Jill Dennison, and Sushma Kukunuru: These incredible paras at Apollo work hard every day as advocates for student success. They are the support that empowers students at all levels to develop the skills they need to be successful, and to learn, every day at Apollo. We are so grateful for all that they do. They are essential members of our team, who make sure no student falls behind. Thank you, Apollo Paras!”


Jill Dennison, Paraeducator

“I am lucky to get Jill’s help in the Apollo library for 30 minutes each day.  Jill is wonderful.  She is friendly, caring, and willing to take on whatever task is needed in the library.  Whether it be shelving, processing books, training parent volunteers, assisting students with checkout or Kindergarten bathroom runs, or helping with various library tasks, Jill is indispensable,” said Jen Quimbey, Apollo teacher-librarian.


Deanna Wilson, Tech Specialist

"Deanna is an indispensable member of the Apollo team! Every day, she makes sure that all of the technology in our building is working properly, and teachers and students have what they need to be successful. She consistently looks for ways to make sure technology is properly managed and finds ways to accommodate technology requests throughout the building, for all kinds of differing needs! Thank you, Deanna."  


Sheri Studer & Kim Raymond – Food Services at Apollo Elementary School

"Sheri Studer and Kim Raymond are true heroes at Apollo Elementary School. They are amazing team members who love working together and make sure that our students are nourished with healthy food and lots of love every single day. We are so lucky to have them here as part of the Apollo family! All of us are better off because of the terrific work they do each day. Thank you so much, Sheri and Kim!"


Susana Santiago, Lead Custodian and Jill Dennison, Kindergarten Para

"Susana and Jill make the ultimate lunch supervision and clean up team at Apollo! Susana is our intrepid and amazing Lead Custodian who makes sure Apollo is in great condition for all of us, and Jill Dennison is one of our experienced and dedicated Kindergarten paras. She works hard each day to ensure that Kindergarten students at Apollo make progress every day. At lunch time each day they combine forces to make lunch a great time for every Apollo Rocket! Thank you, Susana and Jill!"


Lindsay Roberts, School Nurse, and Kim Siemons, Health Room Specialist

"Lindsay and Kim are an incredible team at Apollo Elementary School. Together, they can handle anything that comes their way: bumps, bruises, cuts, scrapes, and colds. Even a pandemic! They help keep all of us at Apollo healthy every day, and we couldn’t do it without them. Thank you so much, Kim and Lindsay!"


Kim Byrne and Lauren Suttles, Apollo Office Professionals

"Kim and Lauren make such a great team at Apollo. They are the heart of our building, making sure that students, families, and teachers all have the information and resources they need each day to do their critical work. When the going gets tough, this team is at their best! Their amazing work with Apollo Staff and families keeps everything running smoothly. We appreciate you, Kim and Lauren!"